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Welcome to Andy Knows Everything!

I’d love to know where people are reading this, and how AKE! is being discovered so please write a short message here about yourself, your location and how you heard about the site.




3 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. I live in Krakow, the Osiedle Podwawelskie area. I am professional writer who is currently between unemployed (in fact, I’ve never been employed – you could say I’m a self-styled professional). Like everyone else, I found out about the blog from grafitti on the walls of the church in my housing estate. I only came on here to complain but then I found out I liked it. Good marketing strategy!

  2. coucou andy!!!!

    Paris reads you on regular basis!!!! I find it really cool that you’ve had this wonderful idea of starting a blog…feels a little bit like ‘a year in the merde’ or ‘merde actually’ but quite more open to the world aroud us…

    i really like it – you may say it is going to be LEGENDARY — wait for it— DARY

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