This week’s blog tip

A new addition to my blogroll this week is JUKU:Vocation a project being undertaken by a friend and excellent writer Ciara, in cahoots with a dedicated band of accomplices. They are trying to reach out to young people who come out of education, be that school, college, university, whatever, and find themselves suddenly adrift in the sea that is ‘working life’. Options are limited for many such people at the moment as jobs and money are scarce , and it can be difficult to see where the best way ahead might lie.  The target audience is principally in the UK but generally speaking the ideas and advice cross all borders.

It’s early days and JUKU is still more of an acorn than an oak, but with your support and the exposure that can help to bring, they may just be able to make a difference to some of the next generation and beyond. Find the blog at the link above, and their wider online presence on:



And please, don’t forget to tell other people- this kind of thing matters a lot more than who has nice photos, and what the joke of the day is.


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