A strange thing pain. We need it as an early line of defence in the body against disease and injury, people instinctively try to avoid having to experience it for even a second whenever possible, yet some live with it constantly. For a long time, someone I know woke up almost every morning with severe aching pain in his back. Not every day, but almost.

Generally, he suffered in silence, his girlfriend, friends and colleagues oblivious to what he was going through. Occasionally, he would open up a little and tell me how this regular battle with his own body interfered with his life, made it difficult for him to be who he wanted to be, to be who he was expected to be. Sleepless nights, difficulty moving, loss of all round body strength; combined these things all restricted his day to day life in numerous ways.

Seeing that is bad enough, but it is just one of so many examples of suffering that could fairly easily have been resolved (and now has) but went unaddressed for almost 2 years. Why did he live so long under such a burden, you no doubt ask. As in many other cases, he had simply conditioned himself to accept the situation as normal- basically, people really can get used to almost anything. He had obviously devoted a lot of effort toward finding ways of managing the back trouble, avoiding activities which aggravated the pain and resting his back when the opportunity presented itself. A perfect example of people’s misdirected resourcefulness.

For a whole host of reasons, from fear of a serious underlying cause to simple denial, so many people avoid seeking help for their problems until the day comes when it is simply impossible to work around the pain they’re suffering. Often, by this point it’s too late to actually fix a problem that was fairly minor but has now become much more serious. Fortunately for my friend, he got lucky and his back just mysteriously fixed itself without any intervention. Something in his routine changed, though he isn’t entirely sure what. Keeping your fingers crossed for such a turnaround is not advisable.


One thought on “Pain

  1. Backs are strange things. I had backpain for most of my life, then I got 5 new exercies and I stopped being a dance teacher and viola – pain free. God it’s wonderful. I’d had treatment for years too, but I guess I just wasn’t cut out for dancing at the level I was doing it.

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