Places to go in Krakow #9: Irish Mbassy

Before you start, no spelling mistake here- they weren’t allowed to call it an ‘Embassy’ as this may be considered confusing by some people (casting no direct apersions at anyone).

Did I forget to mention they have some cool pictures on the walls?

The Mbassy is the city’s finest example of the classic model followed by Irish bars around the world- beer, food, and football and occasionally other sports, honourably including actual Irish ones, with a dash of admirable customer service drummed into the not unpleasant on the eye staff

For value for money, I recommend the Morgan’s nuggets- 14zl for the breaded meat of an amply proportioned chicken and chilli sauce to dip it in. For those wanting to splash out a little more, the Thai Curry and Bangers and Mash are also excellent. For those who place absolutely no value on life, either their own or more likely a friend of theirs who with an imminent wedding appointment, I recommend the ominously named Irish Trash Can. I won’t list what spirits it contains, life is simply too short, but suffice to say it also has Red Bull to take the edge off.


Address: Follow all the other Brits

WiFi: they have booze and telly, you don’t need WiFi

Prices: Irrelevant


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