Places to go in Krakow #8: Pierwszy Lokal

Or, in full, ‘Pierwszy lokal na Stolarskiej po lewej stronie idąc od Małego Rynku’…i.e. ‘First Place on Stolarska on the left going away from the Maly Rynek’ or ‘The Long Name Bar’, or simply ‘Long Name’ as I prefer to save time referring to it. If difficulty finding a place to sit is any indicator of quality then Long Name is up there with the best of them.

Just about squeezed the whole name in...

People in the know, tourists and locals alike, head here for comfy leather seating, coffee, darkness and, almost uniquely in Krakow (and Poland when it comes to it), for some English style real ale- Smoczna Glowa. Experts from back home will no doubt have tasted better but its certainly not bad stuff and a welcome change from the omnipresent Zywiec.

Check it out while you’re around the old town one evening, you won’t be disappointed- just make you know where you’re going, it’s not the easiest place to ask for directions to….


Address: ul. Stolarska 2 (guess what, it’s the first place on the left…)

WiFi: I think so, don’t hold me to it

Prices: Smocza Jama 7.50zl, other beers from 8zl, coffee from 6zl, sandwiches available at lunchtime for around 7zl


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