Places to go in Krakow #7: Tram Bar

The sign outside tells you that this is the home of Krakow’s largest iced coffee but strangely they don’t tell you that it is also home to the cheapest coffee in town. I’m fairly confident in saying that there isn’t anywhere nearby where you can hand over a 5zl coin for your coffee and, depending on your disposition, either get change or make the staff like you by leaving a tip.

Tackling Tram Bar square on

Coffee isn’t all TramBar has to offer though- come back in the evening to chat with the inevitable mix of regulars, local first timers and tourists and have a try of some of the offerings from the impressive cocktail menu.

Personally speaking, I love TramBar and it seems that increasing numbers are coming around to my point of view, join them!

Also, if for some reason you happen to be applying for a visa to go to the US and for this, or some other reason, need to visit the Consulate next door, Tram Bar will, for a small fee (1 or 2zl), look after anything you have with you that cannot be taken in with you- i.e. everything you almost definitely have with you


Address: ul. Stolarska 11

WiFi: No (I think), but they have lots of newspapers for those who get bored easily

Prices: Coffee from 4.50zl, Iced Coffee 9zl, beer from 7zl, cocktails from 12zl


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