Places to go in Krakow #6: Caffe 4D

Formerly known as Italia Lody Caffe, the owners have seemingly picked up the current craze in the film and TV world for all things 3D and taken the logically sound, but ultimately nonsensical, step of adopting 4D as part of the name of their cafe.

The old name referred to the tremedous range of ice cream available here (‘lody’ being the Polish word for ‘ice cream’) but forget about ice cream for now, this is without doubt THE place to head for when you feel the need to sit down, look through a window that doesn’t have price tags behind it and eat some tiramisu.

The name and the extensive menus will try to trick you into thinking that when you sit down here after pounding the floors of Galeria Krakowska what you want is a big glass full of assorted fruits and 20 flavours of ice cream. Think again, skip to the back of the menu and you will find the true gem- the best tiramisu in town!

If you really must submit to their creamy sub-zero wiles then go for the ‘Talerz Tiramisu’ which will give you the best of both worlds (2 flavours of your choice but bring your own fruit to avoid disappointment on that front). Since you’re here to recover from your hard-earned shopping fatigue, why not have a coffee too? They’ll give you a little boiled sweet as a bonus which is never a bad thing.

If you can’t bear to drag yoursefl out of the shops for so long as to actually sit down, they also have a small take away ice-cream bar on the bottom floor of Galeria, outside Saturn .


Address: In Galeria Krakowska, the big shopping centre near the train station, in the centre part of the top floor

WiFi: Yes

Prices: Coffee from 6zl, tiramisu 10zl, ice cream from 3zl


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