Places to go in Krakow #5: Pinokio

Anyone living more than 500m away from this old school pizza place (I can’t bring myself to use the word restaurant, it’s little more than a big takeaway with some tables) but trust me when I say it’s their loss.It’s a bit of a hike for the casual visitor up to Pradnicka street to the north of the city centre, but worth it.

Over the time I’ve lived in this city I’ve heard of many pretenders to the throne as the king of Krakow pizza and the debate will never, indeed can never, be resolved but the time has come for people to stop overlooking this suburban gem. Living right across the road a couple of years ago, I must have pushed my body to the limit with the frequency of my visits- when it started to become lunch and dinner I had to take drastic action, but I didn’t want to.

The classic Margerita is enough to keep me satisfied, and very wallet friendly too. The ‘Dracula’ and ‘Szpinak’ (spinach and garlic) are also recommended. If you feel like a more extravagant evening, see if you can match the friend of mine who ate an entire large (18inch) mushroom laden beast. Warn your friends beforehand of the subsequent inability to interact with the world as your entire body focuses itself exclusively on 2 hours of digestion!


Address: ul. Pradnicka 77


WiFi: No

Prices: Pizza from 7.30zl, Pasta from 10zl, Polish dishes from 4zl, beer 6zl, coffee 4zl (in other words, cheap!)


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