Places to go in Krakow #4: Cafe Bambus

Ever since I discovered the Zupa Bambusowa (a kind of Thai-style spicy soup with chicken and veg), I’ve been a regular visitor to Bambus for both day or evening occasions, for which it serves equally well.

How Bambus looks on a busy day in the Market Square

Like many places in Krakow, and in particular on the main square, the prices have gone up recently- their 9zl white coffee is one of the steepest around and the food they serve can certainly be found cheaper elsewhere. Luckily for them, there are advantages which outweigh the price problem and more than justify opting for Bambus.

Obviously the location is great; in the summer you can sit outside and watch people on the square, laughing at the tourists climbing inside the big head sculpture nearby and the famous bar Pod Baranami (and the cinema of the same name) are on the doorstep. The service is good, most of the staff speak English and are very friendly and the atmosphere inside is lively and positive.


Address: 27 Rynek Glowny (Main Square) – in the corner near the big metal head

The aforementioned 'big head'. If you're looking at this, Bambus is behind you

WiFi: Yes

Prices: Coffee/Beer 8zl, cocktails around 15zl,  Zupa Bambusowa 15zl, cakes around 10zl


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