Places to go in Krakow #3: Prowincja

A true Krakow icon, Prowincja and its offshoot next door Nowa Prowincja, have been providing locals and tourists with light lunches, coffee, cake, hot chocolate (the ultra-thick variety seemingly designed to make you more thirsty) and the occasional alcoholic beverage for many a year now and the appeal shows no sign of lessening. They are the twin cylinders of the ul. Bracka coffeehouse engine.

Two peas in a pod- Prowincja nearest the camera, and Nowa Prowincja the other side of the doorway to Cafe Bracka and Pergamin

Effortlessly oozing the kind of warm, open atmosphere most places would kill for, its simply impossible not to feel at home here. Whether you’re looking for a hideaway from the winter chill, or a place to relax to a background of soothing music after a hot summer’s day strolling around the old town, Prowincja is the place to find it.

Getting a table can occasionally be difficult but there’s usually room somewhere in one or the other of the two establishments. One final word of warning: the apple pie (szarlotka) is legendary throughout the city and sells accordingly, so get there before lunchtime to avoid disappointment


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