Places to go in Krakow #2: Domowe Przysmaki

Dangerously situated just across the street from the all-conquering ‘U Babci Maliny’ on ul. Slawkowska (the full address is Slawkowska 24a- not far from the sw. Marka church- you don’t really want to try pronouncing the name to ask for directions!), this little place is left to pick up the scraps of the slightly-more-adventurous-tourists-and-occasional-Pole trade selling traditional Polish fare.

Now featuring summer outdoor seating area!

To their credit, they have not only the finest meat pierogi in the old town but also some staff with enough English to give visitors to Poland a reasonable level of service. Domowe Przysmaki is, like many of the establishments specialising in Polish cuisine, a ‘Milk Bar’ in all but name and very basic in every aspect- furnishings, range of food and drink available, it’s all, well, whatever the opposite of ‘no expense spared’ is!

Still, for a quick refuel at lunchtime, I heartily recommend dropping in for pierogi z mięsem. The service is traditionally minimal on the friendliness and warmth, but at the same time efficient so you won’t be kept waiting too long. Plus, if you go in the summer time, you can sit outside and soak up some of the old town atmosphere. Everyone’s a winner.


Address: ul. Slawkowska 24a

WiFi: No

Prices: Soups from 5zl, meals from 10zl


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