Places to go in Krakow #1: Bagelmama

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No longer a candidate for smallest restaurant in Kazimierz/Krakow/the world, having relocated to ul. Dajwor near the Galicja Jewish Museum, but not much else has changed since i first visited Bagelmama nigh on 5 years ago.
Regardless of Bagelmama’s physical attributes, the important thing here is the food; whether it be a quick snack bagel or a more substantial Mexican inspired meal, Bagelmama simply cannot be outdone. Generous folk that they are, they even let you choose how hot (or not) you want your food, should you go down the Tex-Mex route.

The view from ul. Dajwor heading towards Szeroka and Plac Nowy

The bagels are the real treasures here though, with a range of both toppings and bagels themselves to keep everyone happy. My advice: anything with cream cheese. If you just can’t get enough of the Bagelmama magic , you can buy frozen bagels to take away, and bulk buy the toppings to keep in your fridge at home- every day’s a Bagelmama day!
Also, special mention for the cheesecake- a true winner, as Charlie Sheen might put it.
With lots information for visitors to the city, in particular on other places in the Kazimierz area, and an unhurried, friendly atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed. Unless you turn up on a Monday, because they’re closed.


Address: ul. Dajwor 10

Open: 9am-9pm Tue-Sun

WiFi: Yes

Prices: Bagels from 6.50zl, sandwiches from 12.50zl, Bagel Tapas 18.50 per person, Cheesecake 7zl


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