Dates, Poetry, Lists and Failed Attempts

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A busy week in the 30 days project behind me- dinner date in the new place around the corner, combining taking Miss Andy out with her new project writing for Spotted by Locals, memorising Rudyard Kipling’s “If”, making my list of things to be thankful for, the ‘bucket list’ and Day 13- Declutter.

There are some useful tips on the Art of Manliness page for the memorising task as to techniques to help make things ‘stick’ in your mind. In my case  I found listening to the poem (you can find many free audio recordings online, for example this one) useful, but most helpful was practising via the quizzes on the poem available on Sporcle. I’ve been doing them every few days to keep it fresh in my mind, as well as occasionally writing the thing out in full.

So that was a success, the lists are done, but not all went so smoothly- my efforts to get back in touch with my old flatmate Matt have floundered so far. I did track down a page on the Royal College of Art website with some contact info for him, but no response. I shall keep trying, nothing is impossible.


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