As the days go by

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Despite the recent quiet on the matter, the 30 days project is alive and well, although a bit more disorderly than it should be. Over the past week, I’ve been working on day 5’s “Cultivate your gratitude” (slightly slow progress thus far, but I have been making even more effort than usual to thank people if they deserve it), updated my CV and taken the sage advice to have a copy in my email just in case. Today I’m busy racking my brains for an old friend to reconnect with- these days of Facebook and ubiquitous internet have made disconnecting rather more difficult than it once was. What counts nowadays as ‘losing touch’?

So today is time for step 8 (in my snail paced version it seems foolish to keep referring to them as Day 1, Day 2 etc.). This time the task is simple, in theory at least; start a journal. Keeping a journal/diary is a habit very few people keep up nowadays with ever increasing demands on our time from all sides, but I’m quite looking forward to finding a window for it in my schedule each day as way to order the thoughts, prioritise and possibly even remember more of the day to day stuff that goes on. With my head full of pub quiz trivia, keeping track of what I did and what needs to be done is an area for improvement certainly. Who knows, maybe it will even survive to become a great legacy after I die- the exploits of the famous Andy…

Next week sees some more interesting steps along the road- look forward to dates, poetry and, if  I use the time off work productively, a bucket list (inspired by the film) and some feedback on the more in-depth tasks so far- reasons to be thankful and some thoughts on the mentor quest.


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