The Magic Combination

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On with the show, Day 3 is upon us! Day 3- Find a Mentor, like Day 1, is best left to consider for a couple of days rather than just one, so I’m again skipping ahead a little to deliver some progress today. Day 4 is an intriguing prospect- Increase your testosterone

There are plenty of possible ways to do this, though my list is reduced by one as a non-smoker. I’ve decided to take what might seem the easy approach to this task as I have work to catch up on (polishing 3 pairs of shoes sure eats up a lot of time!) and not as much time as I would like to squeeze in my 3 testosterone boosting activities. An English breakfast has taken care of the first: ‘eat some fat’- a pleasurable way to kick off any challenge. Rounding out the trio are some quiet meditation on the puzzle of Day 3 (shame there’s no extra points on offer for combining tasks), and later, drop into the restaurant near work for some cruciferous vegetables. Not totally convinced this is a real word that can be applied to vegetables, but I do like the image it gives of spinach, broccoli and cauliflower as would-be mini torturers.


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