Beer of the Month: January

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In order to keep myself occupied waiting for the stupid Balice fog to clear (again! thanks very much fog, you cost me several hours of my time, and 66 pounds of my money this week, giving a total so far of many* hours and 150 quid), I picked up a copy of the Krakow Post and discovered the new (probably- I haven’t read it for a while) section: Beer of the Month. A little underwhelmed by the choice, I felt inspired to start a rival contest, but only once I’d thought of a sufficiently brilliant, original name. Now that’s done, we can pick our first winner…

Fortunate to have a shop stocked with an enormous range of different beers just around the corner, the considerations can be extended beyond the mega brands to the slightly less well known Polish brands, and the contenders from January are as follows:

Ciechan Wyborne

Ciechan Pszeniczne

Kormoran Irish Beer (NB: not actually Irish)

Kormoran Orkiszowe

If ever there were 2 breweries that deserve much greater prestige and exposure then Ciechan and Kormoran are the ones. These particular brews are the ones I’ve been enjoying most during January, but I warmly recommend any of the products produced by either company, especially Kormoran’s honey beer “Miodne”- 2010’s number 1 beer at AKE! towers.

For sheer strangeness, Orkiszowe gets the prize this time round. It tastes quite a lot like bread (or maybe bread tastes more like beer than I realised before) and is definitely an acquired taste, but one that’s well worth the acquiring. If you need a gentler introduction, there is a sweeter version (honey again) as a stepping stone but plain old “Orkiszowe” is the real deal, a great winter drink and feels misleadingly healthy. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Now, those of you not in Poland right now probably have no idea what I’m talking about but fret not, another post for a wider audience is in the pipeline, so come back soon!

*working with the well known formula:

several + several = many


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