Podcasts you should seek out


For a while now,  isolated as I am from many sources of information because I’ve abandoned the motherland, podcasts have been very important to me as a way of keeping up to date with goings on around the world and also as a useful way to keep myself amused as I walk around the city. I’ve tried many, and at various times built up quite a backlog of programmes doomed to go unheard before eventually being deleted, still with the blue circle beside their names in iTunes. This has all been worth it though, as a way of finding some gems which I can share with you here- The AKE! official podcast listening guide:


Since the sad demise of the Baker and Kelly podcast the world of sports podcasting has been a little more drab. I think the shows themselves are no longer available but the highlight of its run, a simply amazing version of Bohemian Rhapsody from what turned out to be the last show can be found here. For me, the brilliance of this piece of broadcasting is only enhanced by the clearly evident surprise from the presenters themselves at how good the song is.

There is still room out there for the worlds of sport and light entertainment to mix- Danny Baker now has a Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 5, also available in podcast form, and Radio 5 is also home to the Up All Night show, which on Friday night/Saturday morning brings the World Football Phone In. The Guardian weekly football podcast- imaginatively named Football Weekly– is one of the best out there if you love football but also like to have a laugh listening to the latest developments. For the more serious take, try the Times’ The Game or Radio 5’s Football Daily.

Cricket coverage is generally a bit more po-faced, I generally stick with the incomparable Test Match Special, and Switch Hit, one of the podcasts offered by CricInfo.


Slightly conservative maybe, but your first port of call should be Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy, which alternates between series of the Now Show and the News Quiz. Others I would recommend are the Dave Gorman show from Absolute Radio, and Richard Herrings projects As It Occurs To Me and Collings and Herrin.


News and features on the scientific sphere are best sought out on Up All Night’s Dr Karl and The Naked Scientists or The Guardian’s (equally imaginatively named) Science Weekly


Most of what I enjoy is slightly difficult to categorise- you’ll just have to check them out and decide for yourselves. Simply Syndicated offer a range of podcasts on different subjects, the flagship Movies You Should See and the rambling The Definitive Word are my favourites.

Bournemouth duo Ben and Joe have the weekly shoe The Absolute Peach, an easy way to lose yourself for an hour or so. Finally, if you want those strange questions answered without trawling through Google and Wikipedia yourself, give Answer Me This! a listen.

Happy listening, and let me know if there are more out there that I’m missing out on.


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