The Real “Big Freeze”

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As a Brit living in Poland, I’ve heard a lot from people at home and the British media about “THE BIG FREEZE”, as they are calling the recent coming to a standstill of a lot of the country because of a bit of snow and temperatures occasionally going below zero.

Well, all that ‘extreme’ weather is nothing compared to what we’ve got here (which itself is probably nothing in comparison to deepest Siberia or the Antarctic). I can’t claim to know whether the woman in the bakery, who basically has little to do except exaggerate the weather especially when i don’t even want her to slice my bread for me, is or isn’t right when she says it was -22 first thing this morning and will be -27 tonight. Either way, it’s cold enough to make the river look quite a lot like this:

Extreme physical pain was caused to myself in the taking of these photographs. Wherever you are, please, don’t try this in your Big Freeze.


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