Maybe this is why Google is acting up in China…

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Been playing with Google Translate today, and it seems there is some room for improvement in the linguistic abilities at the world’s pre-eminent company. I simply, and probably unoriginally, took my post “The Mysterious Attraction of Snow”, put it through the translation process twice (into Polish and then this Polish version back into English). The results, mostly very close to the original but very amusingly different in places can be found below.

Mysterious attractions in the snow

(First written some time ago, but very relevant in the current situation)

Snow can be very deceptive to the rain-pickpocket a crocodile. He sat in a comfortable chair in a warm room with a view to other matters, you can not hear it falling. Most of the time you can not hear, even if you stand outside it coming down all around. You can quite reasonably sit on a bench in the cold, but snow-free days, sleep for hours and wake up buried under it, or at least surrounded by a very different environment, which left his head off.

Perhaps this is the reason I always wanted to watch the snow fall. We must see to believe sometimes-how can such a huge transformation going on around in the virtual silence? “And this is really great change: to show someone a picture from his own street in just a few inches of snow and there is a good chance that do not recognize.

Maybe that night was also the desire due to the fact that we had to wait so long for this one day in November the snow caused a bit of panic that we were awfully long, cold winter, and then nothing. Hottest (if “hot” is suitable for this word) December on record and a lot of concern business owners in the ski resorts in Europe.

That said, wait just a small factor. I have always been intrigued by the snow, even before I discovered skiing as the age of 12. After that, there was a whole new dimension to my love of snow, but it was not the beginning of

I’m easily pleased by such things so if anyone knows of similar translation-based accidental humour, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Maybe this is why Google is acting up in China…

  1. It’s a bit like the using predictive text, isn’t it? which can lead to some very random and amusing messages. I once had a friend who had to stay at home because his angles was broken. Took a few minutes to work out that he meant boiler.

    Like yourself, I find it all very amusing.

    • ha! predictive text is a good one- i’m known as ‘body’ to a couple of former colleagues for a similar reason. my favourite has to be the classic ‘smirnoff’ confusion. if you don’t know what i mean, try typing it in and see what comes out…

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